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小燕子 - The Little Swallow is a local spin off from our family's Bird's Nest business in RENGAT, Indonesia. With a history of more than a decade since 2002, We are a humble family business which have been supplying ALL NATURAL BIRDS NEST that are EXCLUSIVELY HANDPICKED with NO CHEMICAL WASH to consumers and traders.

Our Philosophy and Principle are to provide Premium quality Bird's Nest that comes from the heart. With the focus on providing quality Aerodramus Bird's Nest, our products are ISO 17025 certified and SAC-SINGLAS Lab Accredited in order to provide you a product that is safe to prepare for consumption.

Rengat River
Raw Bird's Nest, Aerodramus
Aerodramus Bird

RENGAT, INDONESIA is a small town in RIAU. With beautiful sunsets and sunrises in this quaint and friendly town that is surrounded by large rivers. Our family business started when we started noticing the Aerodramus in the skies in abundance. Because the river was near, it was also the source of food as there are an abundant amount around this town. Being very rural and hardly industrialized, this town relies heavily on trading with one another. The pace of life is slow-moving and relaxing as well. 


In case if you're wondering, these pictures are taken only by our mobile phones and not found anywhere else online. 


At 小燕子, we provide 100% Quality handpicked Bird's Nest that is personally supervised by us and supply is limited as we focus and emphasize on food that we ourselves, would only eat. 


Consuming of Bird's Nest is said to be nourishing for Pregnant Women while also having the following Health Benefits when eaten regularly:

1. Improvement of Skin Health (Texture)

2. Assist in helping improve cases of Chronic cough and asthma

3. Anti-Aging Health Food

4. Supplements for Postnatal Health (Faster recovery)

5. Reduce tiredness

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